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Ноябрь 2nd, 2016 by Grau
 Radiological Attack
Terrorists are more likely to use a radiological dispersive device, or a “dirty bomb”, than a nuclear bomb. Radiological devices use conventional bomb devices with radioactive material. They are designed to cover a wide area with dangerous radioactive material. These devices are meant to be disruptive to the economy and cause psychological distress.

If a radiological device is detonated in New York, take the following steps in the affected area:

  • Find ways to cover skin and nose/mouth.
  • Get inside a building.
  • Stay inside.
  • Stay tuned to alerts from Notify NYC and emergency officials.
  • Decontaminate: After removing your clothing, you should take a warm shower.
  • Wash your hair, but don’t use conditioners because they can bind radioactive material to hair protein, making decontamination more difficult.
  • Change into clean clothes.

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  1. andy

    Шо, Михась, еще не все твои зубы выпали от вашего пендосского здравоохранения?

    Привет! Вали уже из этой помойки, пока не бахнуло. И необразованных своих сыновей не забудь. В России куда-нить их приспособим, если будут стараться. И даже ипотеку возьмут и рассчитаются за 10 лет, легко решаемо, согласно закона России.

    Не унывай )

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